Funding allocation

Where does the money go?

The Hope For All Foundation is committed to supporting areas that will help bring forth more awareness and knowledge to families and educators.  We want to help those struggling right now.

There is hope...hope to lead better, happier, and more productive lives.  Continued support will also go towards cutting edge research that will hopefully lead to a cure. 

We will help fund avenues of research that will lead to early intervention, innovative therapies and additional support in schools, ultimately stopping the increase of this devastating disorder.

We have funded two, very successful, educational conferences.  This educational conference is for service providers, educators, administrators, parents and those interested professionals who deal with and support children with autism spectrum disorder and their families.

 We are helping families who can't afford initial evaluations and greatly needed therapies.  We continue to educate and increase awareness with teachers, therapists and caregivers.  We are always looking to help local schools, day care centers and special education departments to increase knowledge and help with early diagnosis.

Here is a direct quote from one of the local therapy centers we support from March 2010:

"Over the last year, as a direct response to your contribution, Mobile Therapy Centers of America has continued to donate comprehensive workshops and inservices to childcare centers across the North and North West suburbs and downtown Chicago.   Our inservices have supported the continuing education of childcare providers and families to learn how to identify behavioral challenges,sensory processing needs and promote development of early literacy skills.   The attendees were offered practical, research based solutions to those challenges and ongoing support to implement effective solutions. 
Your generous donation has allowed MTC to continue it's mission to promote early detection and early intervention.   
We greatly appreciate your support!"
Sincerely- Nicole Brachfeld
Nicole Brachfeld M.A. CCC-SLP

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